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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Organ Sales
Currently, the United States is facing a crisis. On average, 20 people are dying every day because there is a shortage of organs. Right now, to receive an organ, one must wait for an organ donor to die, or receive an organ from someone who is willing to give up one of theirs. With technology and medical advances, organ transplants are becoming more successful, effective, and safe. For those reasons, many people would be willing to sell an organ to a complete stranger. But right now, it is illegal for someone to sell their organs. In turn, this has created a black market for organs, and from this, it has caused chaos in some countries. There needs to be a legal market for organs because it will actually help the economy, minimize the black market, end violence, and most of all, save lives. With the legalization of an organ market, this will not just benefit only those who can afford an organ; it will benefit those who are in financial trouble. According to Gregory, “Many protest that an organ market will lead to unfair advantages for the rich, but this is a characteristic of the current trade” (Gregory “Why Legalizing Organ Sales”). This suggests that protesting individuals are not fully educated in what they are protesting against. Rather they are comparing the current method the United States uses. Even those who can’t afford it initially can be put on a payment plan. Also, health insurance would be able to cover most of the costs.

In the United States, it is currently legal to sell human tissues, blood plasma, ova, and sperm; however, one cannot legally sale their own organs. Yet, organizations can offer monetary rewards to motivate and entice people to participate in human experiments and research. These experiments can be dangerous, but they are still considered “reasonable, legal, and ethical” (Friedman “Payment for Living Organ Donations”). Also additional legal dangerous acts are having a surrogate mother. Surrogacy is...
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