Pro-Napoleon Trial Opening

Topics: Napoleonic Wars, French Revolution, First French Empire Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Pro-Napoleon Opening Statement
Napoleon Bonaparte ensured the continuation of the basic rights and important social class changes that the Revolution brought, and managed to do something no other nation could do. He brought order and prosperity to France. Order and prosperity was brought to the people by the extraordinary Napoleonic Code, which spread throughout Europe’s vast French territories. The Napoleonic Code is similar to educated philosopher, Adams Smith’s, “Equal opportunity.” It stated that the social class did not affect which position a person would receive in a public office since skill was much more important. This was what the majority of the French people intended on achieving during the French Revolution. Also, Napoleon kept most of the reforms introduced by the revolution. He endorsed the revolutionary land settlement involving the sale of church lands, which gave all peasant and bourgeois purchasers a vested interest in supporting the regime. Financial stability was helped too, by the foundation of the Bank of France in 1803. The Bank of France allowed for economic and industrial improvements. The tax system was simplified and made more efficient along lines sketched out in the 1790s. This system offered everyone from all social classes to have equal taxes. The administrative reforms of the revolutionary decade were also maintained, though each of the departments was endowed by a Napoleonic nominee, a prefect, whose job was to ensure the Imperial will was carried out. He founded the lycees, schools which provided boys with a secondary education, and were intended to produce a beurocratic elite. Napoleon grew up as a strong general, and with this skill, Napoleon and his brilliant army were the dominant players of the Napoleonic wars. French power rose quickly, very quickly, conquering most of Europe from these wars. These new lands brought new economic surpluses to the French. Finally, Napoleon represented the general will of the French people...
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