Pro Life or Pro Choice

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Pro-choice Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: January 2, 2013
The death of an Indian citizen in Ireland has again triggered a question over the laws regarding abortion. Savita was suffering from miscarriage when she was admitted to hospital, it was quite clear that she would die if she wasn’t aborted. Abortion being illegal in Ireland doctors refused to abort the child, which subsequently led to death of savita. Her death followed a lot of movements against Irish government's abortion law.

Aborting a healthy safe baby has been criticized in almost all the religions .It is considered a murder of an in defensive person. In India abortion is seen related to female feticide because the large extent of such cases coming to notice. Critics say the if abortion is made legal in India it will be lead an increased number of cases of female feticide. But that's one face of this issue other being that if mother doesn’t want to give birth to child who is in her vomb should she be allowed to do that ? And so the does the basic issue, law should e pro choice or pro life. The condition in India on the legal ground is quite better than Ireland but it also has a lot of shortcomings. In India medical termination is legal but abortion is not. Medical termination means that the child can be aborted if there is a danger of medical problem to mother if the baby is given birth. Under present law a child can only be aborted if no. 1 the mother can face any medical problem because of giving birth to baby no. 2 the baby in vomb is not normal and would not be able to lead a meaningful life if he/she comes to world no. 3 if the child is result of an abuse rape etc. Doctor has a final call on this.

The religious leader believes that child is a gift of god and should not be aborted in any case other than medical reasons. While elite class thinks that the mother should be given a choice whether she wants to have a child or not. The argument being given that if the parents realize that that because of whatever reasons they can't give the child...
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