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Pro Life in Israel

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I was very active in the pro-life movement in Israel for some years. People here often tend to use abortion as a form of birth control because it is free or very cheap. Girls in the army are allowed two free abortions The same with the Russians when they were in Russia, and there are over a million of them here now.

I consider abortion is murder. To me, a foetus is a human being from the moment of conception.
Some people say there have been 2 million abortions alone in Israel since the founding of the state, and others say anything as much as 6 million. When you think about how profound the trauma of the annihilation of f6 million Jews was by the Nazis during World War 2 was, it seems to me a complete absurdity that millions of Jewish Israelis are being slaughtered for no crime other than wanting to be born - whether that is 2 million or 6 million.

Also the Israeli govt. spends millions trying to convince Jews to come live in Israel whereas it would make so much more sense just to encourage Israeli women not to murder their babies. It is totally schizo. They could offer incentives for women having babies, child allowances, tax breaks, better day care, etc.

The only pro-life movements in Israel are run by the Messianic Jews- ie Jews that believe Jesus is the Messiah and the Ultra Orthodox - but they work separately.
They have set up councelling centers for women considering abortions and raise some funding and have some half-way homes for pregnant women. Some babies have been saved that way but really it is a drop in the ocean.

I recently sent an email to a friend unaware of this situation and mentioned partial-birth abortions. This is babies whose bodies are delivered, but just before the head emerges the surgeon sticks scissors into the brain of the baby and kills it. Babies at this age would be viable if the mother had chosen life instead of death for her child.

We live in a very sad world.

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