Pro-Life Abortion Speech

Topics: Abortion, Nazi Germany, Fetus Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Why Abortions should be Illegal
Dear classmates, my fellow Americans,
Imagine this scenario in your head as if it were real life. It’s the late 1930’s. You’re in the middle of Nazi Germany in a nearby concentration camp. Hundreds of bodies lay in a hole dug by Nazi soldiers. Some are dead, some alive. You’re in a bulldozer, with a gun pointed to your head. A Nazi soldier tells you that if you do not burry these innocent Jews, then he will shoot you and he will find someone else who will. Again, you must BURY these people ALIVE. What do you do? Some might say- “I could never! I would take the bullet, I don’t want to be responsible for the death of these people.” Others might argue and say that they would drive the bulldozer forward. Why? Well if you don’t, someone else will anyway. Now, what if the soldier said, “Hey you know what? Don’t bury them, here just take my gun and shoot every last one of these Jews until they are all dead.” What do you do then? Some of you might hesitate. It’s a little different than just covering up some bodies that may or may not be alive. Am I correct? It’s almost more merciful, though- to shoot them. Isn’t it? Why is it so different? You probably value human life and wouldn’t want to be responsible for taking that away. Am I correct? Now, how do you feel about the topic of abortion? Maybe you’re pro choice as 49% of Americans are. Perhaps, you feel that it should be a woman’s choice to decide whether or not she should have it. It is all situational, correct? Every situation is different. What if she’s raped? What if she can’t afford it? What if it’s just not convenient? Today, my fellow classmates, I am here to persuade those 49% that the abortion of an unborn fetuse should be illegal- in all circumstances. George Carlin once made a light hearted remark on this touchy subject. He said, “with humans it is called an abortion, but with chickens it called an omelet.” In all seriousness, how is abortion legal in the United States?...
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