Pro Gun Control Essay

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  • Published: October 21, 2012
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Persuasive Pro Gun Control Essay

Gun control is a vital necessity to the welfare of our nation. Many people out there are supporting the “anti- gun control cause” with the excuse of “self-defense”. I believe that not everyone will handle a gun for self-defense. The possession of a gun is a sign of power. One of the bigger ambitions that one has is to have power and the easier it is to obtain a gun; the faster a criminal will gain power over an innocent person. When one is in possession of a gun, that person has complete control of their actions and may act upon the weapon however the person may please even if they know that their action will cause harm to defense-less people. There are many deaths caused by guns out there that could have been stopped by controlling the ownership of guns in our people.

Alen Eppers ones said: “Dangerous laws created by well-intentioned people today, can be used by dangerous people with evil intentions tomorrow”. I understand that there may be different points of view to everything from everyone. This quote could be interpreted in two different ways but the way I see it is in favor of gun control. The well-intentioned people are the people out there trying to allow others to own a gun in order to use it as a self-defense tool, while the “people with evil intentions” are the criminals out there that use guns for the reason that they were constructed for: to kill. If the “well intentioned people” were to go against gun control and ban gun control, this law would make gun to be acquired easier to EVERYONE! Whenever a criminal decides that he/she wants to assault a random person in the streets, that person will be able to do so. Once the gun control is taken away, the violence will increase. People will be able to walk around the streets with guns so that whenever there is a fight, someone will die or get fatally hurt. Fights are not a “once in a while” thing. I know this. I witness this; I know that fight go on several times a week. Students fight for the smallest things. Middle and high school students are mature enough to control their actions and feeling. Teens are not “strong” enough. I always tell my sister that if she is not strong enough to control herself, she will never be strong enough to control others and will resort to the easiest ways to “eliminate” that person. She will do whatever is easier to get that stone out of her way rather than talking things over and controlling the situation.

Not so long ago my neighbor’s daughter was killed by her ex. I am positive that this could have been stopped. I do not know how the man obtained the gun, but I am sure it was through an illegal way. He is not a policeman, he worked at a supermarket. He does not live in a violent area. He lived in Bergenfield with his girlfriend. The man did go buy a gun a day before because he knew that he wanted to kill his girlfriend. The saddest part is that he killed the girl because she wanted to break up with him. This is what we want for our country? For people to kill their former boyfriends/girlfriends because that person ended the relationship. This tragedy could have not been stopped by the girl having a gun with her. In fact, she might have had to face years of prison for murder and carrying a gun without a license. Sure, gun control will not eliminate violence or completely prevent criminals from obtaining guns. Criminals have their ways to go around the law but by having gun control the murders and assaults with gun will lessen. I know that everyone has rights but the 2nd amendment is misinterpreted. We are not in war with England anymore and do not need a militia, that is why we have a well-trained army. That right to bear arms does not mean everyone must have a gun. Yes, we have the right to bear arms, but only when needed. Everyone has “inalienable rights” and this girl had the right to live, which was taken away by simply pulling a trigger. Death should be natural. Nobody has the right...
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