Pro Gay Marriage

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  • Published : May 6, 2011
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Gay marriage

The controversy over gay marriage has become highly publicized. However, this issue is not a new debate. Society has voiced its opinions on the subject for many years. Everyone knows that people are able to choose, according to their body and instinct, their sexuality; most of the time, tabulated statistics state that in nine out of ten times option chosen is heterosexual. On the other hand, the other ten percent belongs to the homosexual population, which has been suffering all kinds of persecution and marginalization throughout history, forcing them to live in hiding, with permanent fear, and in scandal. If there were no such people, we would be unfairly deprived of the works of a lot of painters, sculptors, writers, filmmakers, and many more. Works that we admire today and were created from their homosexual point of view.

A few years ago in Europe, some governments, like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, that are countries of western thought and Christian tradition, have dared to legalize marriage between same sex persons, giving them all the rights and obligations of heterosexual couples, even including adoption. Obama has not made a firm promise on either side of this issue, but he has recently indicated that he will do his part to push for equal rights regarding the gay population. These steps are acts of justice that recognize the right of citizens to choose their sexual orientation by themselves without feeling discriminated or diminished, and they give homosexual couples the same right to form a family and offspring that marriage concedes to heterosexual couples. Unfortunately these steps are not enough; there are still a lot of people contrary to the marriage between people of same sex. The arguments against the right of gay couples to marry can be beaten when they are examined closely. One of the most used has been that there is a deathblow to the family as an institution. Why? How? Cannot heterosexual couples continue to...
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