Pro/Con Paying College Athletets

Topics: American football, National Collegiate Athletic Association, Football Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Pro Con- Paying College Athletes
Even though paying college athletes may be fair in some people’s eyes, there are many negatives to this topic that could affect college sports for today’s athletes and the future of their sport. The NCAA and their colleagues all have different views and they vary from being supportive and backing up the idea, to being one hundred percent against it. No matter what type of fan it is and no matter what sport it is, there are positive and negative views on this argument and the variety of disagreement is astonishing. The most positive outlook on this is in most eyes would be that paying the athletes would be fair, and that they deserve at least some money. And even though that is without a doubt the most popular opinion, there are still many more. If the NCAA decides to pay the students, a good way to keep paying college athletes under control is by paying the student athletes for certain things, the key word is student. One plan is too pay the athlete as long as him or her maintains a certain grade point average. “If we want to reward college athletes and dramatically reduce the cheating that goes on in college sports, we should consider paying student athletes $1,000 per month during their four years of eligibility, providing they maintain a pre-determined grade point average” (Freeman, Marv). This plan would not only keep the student athletes in school, but it would make them do well and succeed in school. Even though Schreiber 2

some fans of pro sports may want to see a star player leave and go to the pros after one or maybe two years, education is still very important and so is graduating. This strategy would be a great motivator and would without a doubt grab the attention of the player’s parents. Another positive affect is that without a doubt the amount of money brought into colleges and universities would increase by large amounts because it would attract more student athletes to go to college. This plan could affect...
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