Pro Con Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Marriage Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Pros of gay marriage:
Two People who love eachother should be able to publicly celebrate their commitment Equality is protected in the due process clause in the constitution ( Constitutional Right) Same sex marriage helps adoption 100,000 children in the united states are waiting to be adopted! Refusing people the right to marry causes psychological damages ( this effects society in a negative way) Access to hospitals and care ( Marriage benefits healthcare coverage) Marriage has been changing over the years ( interracial marriage) there is no one definition for Marriage Massachussets was the first state to legalize gay marriage and they have the lowest divorce rate ( highest divorce rates occur in the states that have the more strict “gay” laws If marriages sole purpose is to procreate than why are infertile couples granted the right to still marry It doesn't hurt society or anyone in particular.

The only thing that should matter in marriage is love

Denying them is a violation of religious freedom (civil and religious marriages are two separate institutions).

Born gay argument : "Although all people in all societies with rare exceptions are socialized to be heterosexual, the predictable, universal appearance of homosexual persons, despite socialization into heterosexual patterns of behavior suggest not only that homosexual orientation is biologically based but that sexual orientation itself is also biologically derived." Experiences argument: "While there are different theories about how the sexual orientation develops, experts in the human sexuality field do not believe that premature sexual experiences play a significant role in late adolescent or adult sexual orientation." Mental disorders DEBUNKED!!! "Psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals agree that homosexuality is not an illness, mental disorder or an emotional problem.Over 35 years of objective, well-designed scientific research has shown that homosexuality, in and...
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