Pro Capital Punishment Argument

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  • Published : April 8, 2012
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“An eye for an eye.” These are the words the justice system followed long time ago. One who killed was killed. This system had managed to spread tranquility and peace among people. Unlike today, with all the technologies we have and all the evolution we have made, one would think that we have become more civilized and that the world has become a safer place to live in. However, the crime rate seems to be rising and the world seems to have more ignorant and brutal people than the civilized and educated people. Consequently, we should all go back to the older system, “An eye for an eye” to slow down the rate of crime. Thus, capital punishment should be imposed because of its deterrence effect and it should be specifically imposed on rapists, murderers and country traitors. There are many of those who think that capital punishment is an inhumane act and a violation of human rights. Capital punishment is a violation of human rights when the person executed is a completely innocent person. But when you kill a criminal who tortured and ripped the souls of many others, then the least he deserved is to be killed. Poor, innocent victims of rape would never feel safe unless they know that their attacker had gotten what he deserved and vanished from earth. A person who leaks information to the enemy of his/her country which he grew up in deserves nothing but death. Your country is what represents and identifies you. When someone betrays his country, he betrays his identity; therefore, there is no reason for him to live. Thus, capital punishment is fair under the acts mentioned above. Not only is capital punishment fair but it also prevents criminals from committing their crimes again. The essay “In Defense of the Death Penalty” by Paul G. Cassell (2004) explains how capital punishment prevents criminals from committing their crimes again .Cassell writes about the criminal Kenneth Allen McDuff who raped, tortured and killed many women and teenagers. McDuff who said...
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