Pro's and Cons of Prison

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  • Published: June 20, 2006
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For the past 20 years the private corrections industry has continued to grow. With more than 2 million Americans incarcerated in prisons in the Unites States, local governments and states cannot possibly hope to keep up with the high rates of incarceration. They must choose between overcrowding, releasing inmates, or contracting for outsourcing of inmate housing. More agencies are choosing to outsource their inmates. There are many reasons why agencies choose to outsource and I will discuss a few of them, including the many different options that companies have available to them, their quality of care, cost of housing, treatment programs, and some of the advantages as well as disadvantages of the for profit-business of corrections. The question of why to privatize corrections is a good one. I will explain as best as I can why private prisons are becoming so popular. The first and most obvious reason is cost effectiveness. Many states have discovered that the private sector can house and maintain inmates on a large scale at a cheaper rate than federal or state-run correctional facilities. This is due to many reasons, mainly the standardized internal training many companies conduct for their correctional officers and supervisors. Second is the ability to build when the need to arises without any judicial or governmental interference, No selling bonds or voting they simply buy some land, apply for a permit and start building. Thirdly the private industry is usually a non-union organization, so the wages of officers are controlled by the individual companies not unions. Wages are lower than most state corrections jobs, but the hiring process and training time is shorter. More jobs are then created and individuals who may never have the opportunity to attend a state run due to physical restrictions will find employment in the private sector. Federal penitentiaries and states run prisons are facing major overcrowding issues and things do not look as if they are...
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