Pro’s and Con’s of Interscholastic Sports

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Pro’s and Con’s of Interscholastic Sports

Sports in the interscholastic level have become a major way for young people to appreciate their experience in school and the education that come along with it. Interscholastic sports are acknowledged and significant in U.S. high schools. The problems with interscholastic sports tend to arise once they take over the values and public outline of the school. Instead of being concerned with education, athletes and anyone involved in the sports are primarily engrossed in on the specific sport. A lot of the responses to this topic are based more on emotions. The claims for and against are highly exaggerated. This issue, even till this day, is a major topic that many high school officials speak upon every day. The importance of questioning sports in interscholastic level is so high due to how influential sports are on high school students. Before 1900, extracurricular activities were not seen for any value. People felt as if “school should focus solely on narrowly defined academic outcomes. Non-academic activities were viewed as being primarily recreational and therefore were detrimental to academic achievement, and consequently were discouraged” (Marsh & Kleitman, 2002, para. 5). During this time period, education was everyone’s sole purpose of living. With this way of achievement, youths were identified by their intelligence. There was hardly any way to recognize the greatness that one could bring to a room of people. It wasn’t until the 20th century that researchers and examiners were able to state the idea due to continuous research and experiments that school was not the only way to be acknowledged. Marsh and Kleitman stated that extracurricular activities help bring a more beneficial academic experience. From this, people were able to question if sports could continue to make a detrimental change for the youth even while still attending school to get ready for the college intensity. Sports involve students in events at school and increase the interest in academic progression. According to studies that have been made in the United States, high school athletes make a tremendous break through as a whole in their grade point averages. The positive attitudes that come from sports can increase the interest to apply their mind to going to college. The sports participation has helped with achievement academically, physically, emotionally, and personally. Every athlete is different when it comes to how they change due to sports, but as long as there is a strong supporting cast from family and friends, it is easier to conquer the issues that reside in the athlete’s identity. The activities and relationships that athletes go through benefit or impair how one will grow as a person on a team full of different personalities. Sports make a difference for high school students. Several interscholastic sports at the high school level have confirmed to be constructive in establishing academic triumph. Though the sport may have nothing to do with the academic curriculum, sports do have a way of allowing young people to feel a sense of commitment. This helped through the NCAA term, “student-athlete”. This term allows the idea to be enhanced that an individual has to get their education before they decide to participate in any kind of sport. This kind of commitment allows students to motivate themselves to do better in the classrooms so that they could allow themselves to do better on the field or on the court. With this idea of being a student-athlete, students strive to be a part of college for both the education and athletics since they are able to attend a top university for their intelligence. Being that involvement on a school team is valued throughout U.S. high schools, the percentage rate of for more positive educational experiences increase. It tends to happen that sports go hand-in-hand with better scores and college aspirations. There is prevention from the...
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