Prized Possesion

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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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First Axe
Is there only one thing in the world that you cannot live with out? Or maybe it is something that you would label priceless. How ever you say it there is usually one thing in a person’s life that they would call their prized possession. This object might be their prized possession for a number of different reasons. I personally call my guitar my prized possession. For one this guitar has been passed down from generation to generation, second this was my first guitar ever and most of all my own father seeing it still being used today means the world to him Back in the days of Hendrix, The Beatles and The Who (not the question but the band of course) that’s when the guitar was first purchased. My Great Grandpa bought it for my Father when he was a little younger than me. He has told me stories about how he cycled through teachers until he found the “rite” one, whatever that meant. But eventually he found someone who could actually teach him the ways of the guitar. Or at least that’s how he explained it, but my Grandmother had a completely different story. It went something like “Your Father hated all of his guitar teachers because they made him actually do something.” As time passed so did his memory and eventually he forgot what he had learned so when I was passed down the guitar instead of teaching me himself he paid for the lessons. I remember getting so frustrated because the old springy sound of the guitar sounded nothing like the shredding machines of today, but the reason I am decent at guitar now is because of that old guitar. Sure it is not what I first envisioned but I made due with what I had. The old beat up body, the scratched fret board. It looked nothing like my dad had described it. But it was mine now, it was my first ever guitar. The excitement wore off when I plugged it in to the amp and herd a horrid screeching sound. The strings when plucked gave off an ear piercing screech. My first guitar was a “junker”. The next...
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