Prize Giving Harwood

Topics: Poetry, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Social Satire
Set Narrative- tightly structured rhyme scheme
3rd person (omniscent) narrative and uses a double vouce. This distances Harwood from her characters which still enabling her to give her perspective. Eisenbart’s psyche is presented from Harwood’s perspective as she is being judgemental and mocking him through the use of words such as “grace” and “rudely declined”. •Iambic Pentameter (10 beats to the line, as in Shakespeare) •An Extreamely formally structured poem- Reinforcing the stiffness of Professor Eisenbart •Prof. E. Represents the world of Science/Academic.

Headmistress wants the Professor to be a role model to the girls, as he is a leader in his field. She’s a woman who admires male achievements and is therefore stuck in the old world. She has to go out of her way in order to get him, through persuation and manipulation. She has learnt, therefore, how to survive in the male world. The girl who wins the music awards represents the new hope for women- representing creativity. She parodies/mocks the professor, showing the rebellion against the patriarchal society. •PSYCHOANALYTICAL:

People representing two worlds- Intellectual versus creative. We must understand and develop both of these characteristics in order to develop wholely. •POST-COLONIAL:
Reading Australia beyond colonial time- Eisenbart represents traditional european culture. Those values are outdated and suffocating to this nation. The Girl represents the new culture/generation. An individual who shows that we need to develop our own creative spirit. •Emjambment is a device common among Harwood’s work. Allows line to move on by removing punctuation (this can, for example, as it does in Alter Ego, add to the meditative quality) •IRONY- Professor sees emotion and creativity as flaws, yet the girls creatrivity imacts upon him and embarrases him. He thought that only he would impact on their lives. •This pomposity reflects upon the...
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