Privilege: Racism and Jim Crow Laws

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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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The essay “White Privilege and Male Privilege” written by Peggy McIntosh was enlightening and controversial. It was enlightening because she shows you how certain groups of people can have privilege over other different groups, and be unaware or in denial over it. Peggy’s story was controversial because it talked about the privilege that very few have the courage to talk about. The white and male privilege and the fact that it is looming over our heads as a society. Throughout history there’s a superior and inferior race and sex. The superior race is the white race, opposed to the African Americans who are considered the inferior. Additionally men are the superior sex opposed to women.

Race is a sensitive subject when discussed due to the painful history of our country, most notably the plight of African Americans. African Americans have had a painful background of slavery and inequalities along with unjust rights they had to endure. They were not considered humans, but were property of their white slave owners. Racism has been social constructed for many decades. It is possible that the racial hierarchy can control many aspects of the human life. It can control what kind of jobs you receive, politics, media, insurance, and even your place of residence; this is reminiscent of the Jim Crow laws.

Jim Crow laws were not only anti black laws but a way of life predominantly for southern people. The Jim Crow laws were constructed to keep African Americans from climbing higher on the social ladder. Education, transportation and work were kept at a bare minimum for African Americans. Under no means necessary was any African American to act as if they were equal to the white race. It ultimately controlled where they were allowed to go and what they were allowed to do. If for any reason this law was broken, consequences were normally enforced by physical force consequences for challenging whites and their authority. This was a way for the whites to maintain...
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