Private vs Public Security

Topics: Security guard, Security, Arrest Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Running head: Private versus Public Security

Private Security vs. Public Security
Nia Burns

Private Security Versus Law Enforcement

| Private Security| Law Enforcement|
Visual and physical baggage search |  Fourth Amendment does not need to be followed| Fourth Amendment must be followed | Individual pat-down search |  May not search an individual unless permission is given by the individual|  Allowed to if they think something suspicious is taken place, pat-down done during arrest to prevent anyone from being hurt| Detain individuals|  Can detain if an offense has been witnessed|  Allowed to detain if they know or suspect something going on| Question persons|  Can only question on individuals property|  Allowed to ask questions. If a person has done no wrong; then they are allowed to freely leave.| Arrest persons|  May only arrest if a felony has been committed, must call police immediately after individual is arrested|  Must read Miranda rights to the individual, must tell what type of crime they are being charged for, cuffs are put on| Investigate background of person|  only investigate back ground if the individual is apprehended on property |  Have right to investigate if individual is a suspect| Obtain a warrant for further searches (car, home, so forth)|  Not allowed to obtain a warrant|  Needed to search a particular place and person unless individual has been arrested for probable causes| Seize weapon if found|  Allowed to seize weapon if found while making arrest|  Yes, any weapon can be seized| Computer verification of stolen items|  Must follow penal codes, but must be on property|  Must follow penal codes| Refuse admittance to a person|  Allowed to refuse anyone |  Allowed to refuse admittance if investigation is going on, if person is hostile|

According to, the Power Arrest Training Manual (pg. 11), “A security guard/proprietary private security officer’s...
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