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Brooke Jones

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Public vs. Private School

Most parents these days find themselves asking the question which school would be better for their children private or public school. Their decision leans on which one provides the higher quality or standard of learning for students.There is also the factor which school would help their child become more well rounded .While public and private school both provide an education private school has more motivation in students, an appropriate learning environment, and a more narrow focus. The students that go to private school are completely motivated. the students that go to private school go because they want to learn. Then again maybe because they may not know a difference if they have gone to private school all their life. The work in private school is harder , and pushes students to be the best they can be so they can reach their full potential. The students that go to private school don’t have as many distractions so they are naturally more motivated to focus on school. Private school has a superior environment for one reason because its classes are smaller. Smaller classes mean more one on one time with the teacher, less distractions and more focus on school work. The environment also has a decreased amount of bullies and problem children due to stricter rules punishment, and less leniency. That in turns goes back to being able to focus on school work, and not on problems. With private school there is a more narrow focus seeing as they are not very big on extra curricular activities. Private schools main focus is on school with few distractions. Public school has a wider variety of activities and clubs which can help students grow and be good at something other than school. Not having as many distractions helps with more learning, but more activities let’s you express yourself and not only become book smart but street smart as well. when seeing what private and public school have to offer...
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