Private Tutoring Persuasive Essay

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Dear Kingston,

Increased class size and fewer contact hours have led students to seek help from private tutoring. However, it is argued by some people that this is unfair. As a private tutor who has experienced a numbers of years of teaching high school students, I feel sorry for these bigots as they don’t realise how essential private tutoring really is.

First of all, private tutoring undoubtedly boosts student’s performance at school. Any thoughtful students can recognise that class time is just simply too short. Mrs Lyn Nelson, a university lecturer also acknowledged with the inconvenient truth that class time is just enough for her to memorise her student’s name. How pathetic it is! Unlike reckless classes in school, with plenty of time, one-to-one lessons could be customised to fit particular students. By this way, students could realise their strength and weaknesses and work towards improving them. Hence, better academic result is out of question. Look! Would you expect a student could fully understand the lesson with the time allocated per student “less than 2 minutes per day”? Let’s get real. Students are in desperate need of private tutoring for their studying.

Secondly, private tutoring is a fertile ground for developing the students in all other aspects, not just academically. As far as I’m concerned, students in this age, especially those in final year, have to face the myriad of problems apart from studying, thus they do need a good listener to confine. Private tutor can do just that. Through telling stories, students learn to express themselves and start to gain more self-confidence. Also, as an experienced person who has gone through this stage of life, a private tutor could give them invaluable advices to resolve the issue. Helping these students overcome this critical point of their life could be an unforgettable experience for both the students and tutors.

Conversely, Kingston advanced the argument that private tutoring might give...
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