Private Security/Security Plan

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Javier Sierra
Private Security
My Security Plan
There are approximately 800 employees employed at The ABC Valve Plant for prevention of theft and pilferage by means of personnel screening, background investigations, procedural controls, and polygraph and psychological stress evaluator investigations will be mandatory for employment and security purposes. Once hired all employees must check in with fingerprints to clock in to work this will prevent any intruders into the premises. When the truckers come in to pick up or deliver shipment they will be ask to show identification and there purpose at ABC Valve Plant. Planning and goal setting for The ABC Valve Plant a detailed check of certain areas, their probability, and their gravity in terms of business impact should a loss occur that affects corporate goals and assets. Only then can the specific objectives of the security function be defined. First I noticed that The ABC Valve Plant is located in a low income neighborhood which means. I would install a big steel gate around the whole Valve plant remember the function of security is to protect life and property. The steel gate will have barbed wired on the top and it would have a big sign on it stating ‘CAUTION HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY’ so if someone tries to hop over the fence to steal something they will get shocked but this will only be functional from the hours of 12am to 7am while The ABC Valve Plant is closed. The fence will have big master locks on them with huge steel chain and automatic doors for shipping trucks during business hours. Next I would hire security personnel and must be preceded by careful analysis. It is important that security personnel be emotionally mature and stable people, who can, in addition to their skills and training, relate to people under many conditions, including stress. It is also important to look for people with the potential to advance into the managerial ranks. Establishing controls the decisions made for The...
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