Private Security Management

Topics: Security guard, Security, Crime Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Private Security Management


Larry Knowles

University of Phoenix


August 15, 2010

John Bergen

Businesses are always looking for the best value in all areas of the company. One place to focus is securing a company’s assets. The value that security brings to an organization is protection of assets within the company. There are a number of crimes taking place against companies every hour around the world. Most of these crimes are committed against small businesses (Sasser, 1995). Regardless of the amount of security an organization has it can never be completely secure from criminal activity. A company needs to deter criminal activity by using products and systems that will include security technology and have a human presence at all times. Using a human as a deterrent is known as a security guard. While organizations can use technology as a way to reduce breaches in security, it can never fully replace the need for security guards (Ortmeier, 2009). A security guard in uniform is an effective way of deterring a criminal from committing a crime. It makes a criminal developed a new plan or stop attempt the crime altogether. Security guards will sometimes pretend to be other employees if there is a suspicion of stealing within an organization. The value of the human system within a company is that it is a necessary deterrence to criminal. New security technologies are quickly becoming a must have in protecting an organization’s assets. There is a market of security technologies such as alarm systems, cameras, closed circuit TVs, hidden microphones, ID Cards, and biometric scanners are designed for use in security. An organization will normally have a human security manager. A security manager must be educated and skilled in using the products that are available. A skilled specialist can analyze the security level and the needs of a particular company. Each technology has its own pros and cons that come with it. These...
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