Private School vs Public School

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Private School vs. Public School

Robert A. Lewis Jr. (1984), author of Public Relations and Politics in the Public Schools, writes “Gang violence, drug abuse, and other social ills have saturated many public high schools across the nation, and they constantly disrupt the educational process in addition to posing a constant threat to the safety of school staff and students”( para. 5). This is reason parents often ask, is public schools better than private schools? Parents wonder if their children are getting a good education. Many schools spend more time disciplining children in the classroom than they spend teaching the curriculum. Selecting the correct educational path for their children is an important decision that many parents face. Parents want to know how the environment, curriculum, and funding differ in public schools as oppose to private schools. Private school students have a strict dress code. The dress code requires students to wear uniforms, and it also expects them to have a clean cut appearance. According to B. Hallwell (2012) in June 1962, the Supreme Court ruled against prayer in public schools, therefore some parents decided to send their children to private schools to be educated religiously. Private schools focus heavily upon the concept of discipline as a critical part of their educational program. These schools are very selective when it comes to their enrollment process. Based upon lower enrollment, there is significantly less violence and behavioral problems compared to public school. Private schools create a more controlled environment, which reduces the percentage of violent incidents that could develop during the course of the day.

Parents are concerned about bullying in schools. Bullying continues to be a growing social problem that many students face in today’s society. This is the new phenomenon and unfortunately, bullying happens in private schools as well as public schools. Hopefully, there will be more programs put in place in both private and public schools to help students deal with this growing issue.

Private schoolteachers are governed by performance-based standards, oppose to tenure. They also rely on their test scores to stay competitive with other private schools in the area. One of the most effective selling points of private school is that their classroom sizes are smaller, allowing the students to have one-on-one interaction with the teachers. The average classroom student to teacher ratio, according to the National Center for Education Statistics website, is 15:1; this fosters a much better environment, certainly an environment public schools cannot compare to.

Funding sources for private schools plays a significant part in a student’s education as well as their athletic programs. Private schools funding are generated from tuitions and alumni donations along with the assistance received from scholarships. Athletic programs in private schools are mainly funded by percentages of tuition, grants, and donations. There is more parent involvement and fundraising events with these athletic and extracurricular programs.

According to Eric Lichtblau (2013), author for The New York Times, writes that most of the violence in today’s public school setting can be attributed to violent video games, movies, and TV. These are also factors that heavily contribute to school shooting and stabbings that take place in public school systems around the country. One would think that the presence of metal detectors in public schools would make students feel safer; however, it causes an intimidating and threatening environment. According to Jennifer Medina (2002), author for The New York Times “the time it takes students to take off their watches, belts, and empty the change out of their pockets, is not only making them late for their class, it is also making them feel like a prisoner” (p. x). Hand held metal detectors are also used to search...
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