Private Peaceful (Tommo's Feelings at War - Bad Written)

Topics: Feeling, English-language films, Pain Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: June 14, 2012

Tommo explores many feelings during his time at war, especially when Charlie goes back home, living him without his brother, his best friend.

When Charlie gives the notice to Tommo he can’t believe it. They come together and now Charlie was living him ‘’alone’’. ‘’[…]Pete’ll keep an eye on you for me[…]’’ This quotation shows that Charlie knows that without him Tommo will feel insecure, but replacing him, Tommo now has Pete. Although Pete was one of Tommo’s few friends at war, there is no way for him to feel as protected as he feels with Charlie. Tommo do not wants to show this feeling to anyone so he just say: ‘’[…]I don’t need looking after[…]’’

Charlie promises Tommo that he will be back when he gets well of his injury and this leaves him with faith.

One day in the middle of a counterattack, Tommo gets intoxicated and when he is vomiting, a Hun appeared aiming his riffle at him. In that moment he did not have anyone’s protection, but he was lucky, the Hun lowered his rifle and let him go.

Tommo also sees Nipper Martin dead. He knew that he could be the next and without anyone’s protection he had more possibilities.

He receives letters from his mother, from Tommo and Molly. These letters are the ones that do not permit Tommo to give up, especially Molly’s one. ‘’[…]And I stayed, too, because Molly had said I was brave and had named little Tommo after me. I couldn’t shame her. I couldn’t shame him[…]’’ This quotation clearly shows that Tommo can still stay at war because of Molly, because for her he was brave, and that was what he wanted from a beginning.

Tommo feels alone until the moment he goes to place Anna use to be, but he discovers that now she is dead. Tommo does not know Anna since very much time ago, but he has feelings for her. In the moment he discovers Anna has died he has a painful feeling. ‘’[…]I had known Anna only for a few laughing words, from the light in her eyes, a touch of hands and...
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