Private Peaceful

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  • Published : January 18, 2011
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In the novel Private Peaceful written by: Michael Morpurgo. The author portrays the horrific acts that went on during WWI. The author Shows these acts though the characters, setting and time period.

World War I was a horrific time period for everyone, there was many horrific tragedies. From the gas attacks to the grenades that were just created. The technology of World War I changed through it, Planes were now used to drop bombs and scope out the enemies. Although the planes were good to help the war they also had a down side, they crashed quite frequently and killed many skilled pilots. Many military personal were kept in cold dirty trenches. These trenches were not big, the soldiers had to sit shoulder to shoulder and sleep that way. The Military held there soldiers to a very high standers. They had very big punishments, if a soldier was too goof off or sleep during a shift the could be killed by there own army. The war begins with the battle at Lexington and concord .The 13 states rejected the Brittan’s rule. Private Peaceful is told from the point of view of Tommo Peaceful. It's the longest night of young Tommo's life, as he stands watch over the battlefields of France in WWI. He spends it thinking back on his life and trying not to think about the terrible event scheduled to take place at dawn. Tommo is only 17. He lied about his age in order to follow his beloved older brother Charlie to war. He reminisces about their childhood, the death of their father, the cruel colonel who controls their family's fate, and his first love, Molly.

His first memory is of his first day at school. His brother, Charlie gives him a piggyback there. Tommo has listened to all of Charlie's fearsome tales of the strict Mr. Munnings, who runs the school and teaches the "big guns" class. The "tiddlers" class is taught by Miss McAllister, who is much kinder. Tommo is put into the tiddlers class. In the tiddlers class, Tommo is told by Miss McAllister that his bootlaces are...
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