Private Mutual Funds

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1.1 Introduction
This report is part of my academic program. To obtain the degree of MBA, you will have to fulfill all of your credit hours available in your course. For this reason behind, you need to complete your internship of three months subsequently producing a report addressing all of the issues you achieve in your intern period. I believed that this study helped me to applying my five years acquired knowledge in Business environment of Mutual Funds like Grameen Mutual Fund One, AIMS First Guaranteed Mutual Fund, ICB AMCL Islamic Mutual Fund. This internship program helped me to understand the organizational environment and behavior also. This program helped us for getting practical work and giving me the opportunity to adjust the theoretical knowledge and practical experience. So, I want to give my heartiest thanks to my supervisor to give such opportunity to show my capability and aptitude in this relevant area.

1.2 Motivation of the Study
Internship is a compulsory part of completing the MBA program in our department. For selecting the Mutual Funds as my potential employer as an intern is that Mutual Funds contributes heavily for the retail investors. Since I am a student of finance background, I am interested to apply my acquired knowledge to mutual funds.

1.3 Objective of the Study
The objective of this study is to acquire the practical knowledge. As a business graduate, this institution is one of the others to know all its function subsequently apply my bookish knowledge. In brief the objectives can be narrated as follows- • To apply acquired knowledge.

• To acquaint myself with the practical aspect of the mutual funds. 1.4 Rational of the Study
This study is important for knowing the overall performance of Mutual Funds. Mutual Funds play a vital role for the retail investor s in Bangaldesh. Because Mutual Funds act as an intender by which it collects funds from the retail investors to acquire huge amount of capital for making investment in diversified portfolio. By this investment Mutual Funds can avoid all sorts of unsystematic risk pertaining to the investment and can achieve the diversified return. Generally retail investors are risk averse investors. They always want to invest in low risk project. But for minimizing the risk it is needle to invest in a large scale of various types of securities. Since it is not possible for the individual investor to collect huge capital, Mutual Funds act on be half of them to collect capital by issuing share and invest that proceed.

This study is important for me in academic point of view. Performance measurement is an important aspect for a Financial Analyst which is a dream for every finance student. Since I am a student of Finance, it is undoubtedly true that the internship in Mutual Funds will enhance my proficiency.

I have tried my best to measure the performance for Mutual Funds.

1.5 Limitations
Everything has its own limitation. My report is not beyond that. Though I try my best to present myself in this report as a laborious one, there is some ambiguity for preparing my report because of various factors. Factors include the followings:

a. Three months time is not available to know a giant organization. b. Unavailability of information to run the mathematical tools. c. The management of Mutual Funds was reluctant to disclose their confidential information because of retaining their privacy. d. Business of the head of the division is also a reason for not the availability of information.

Chapter: 2

Methodology of the Study

2.1 Data collection Procedure

This report is mainly based on exploratory research and secondary data. Different books L& journals such as the annual reports published by the mutual funds, company’s websites, preceding studies have been used to get an insight; Primary information regarding mutual funds has been gathered through personal interviews of...
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