Private Law Versus Public Law

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  • Published : March 19, 2012
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Phase 1 Individual Project
Healthcare Legal Concepts
February 26, 2012

Private Law versus Public Law
Public law (Criminal Law) is a theory of law that governs the different relationships between the state and the individual. This is who is considered to be either a citizen or a company. Criminal law has to have evidence that is beyond reasonable doubt, which means that a person is very likely of commenting that certain crime (Kilpatrick, 2000). Public law covers three sub-divisions which are constitutional, administrative and criminal law. To understand how public law works, knowing what each sub-division stands for helps. * Constitutional law is the different branches of the state which are executive, legislative and judiciary. * Administrative law is regulations of international trade, manufacturing, pollution, taxation. * Criminal Law engages in state imposed sanctions for certain individuals in order to achieve justice and social order. Private law (Civil Law) is a private bill that is passed into another law. Private law is a body of law that governs private persons, their property and relations which do not concern the state (Conjecture Corporation, 2011). Cases that are under private law must contain preponderance of evidence to have a determination of a guilty verdict. This kind of law targets individuals and corporations, which is unlike public law. Public law has much more of a broader capacity, and as which it affects the general public. Tort Law provides coverage for private or civil wrongful doings that can damage a person or a person’s property. Contract Law is a promise and an agreement between two or more people for a specific action of some kind. In the health care field, it is more likely to see a healthcare employee involved with a civil law, like a tort or contract law (Conjecture Corporation, 2011).

Health Information Management Technician and the Judicial Process When a health information management...
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