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Q.2. How will a privacy law affect an organization like RWW? What other laws also affect privacy in the workplace? 

The privacy law will have some impact on the employee as well as the overall operation of RWW. The new privacy law that they are going to implement in RWW must have a training session, education, and awareness for the employee. They might have to go through the conference or lectures to educate and train the employees on complying with this new law. The implementation of this new law will also affect the process in the HR department because any kind of privacy law will require some documents to be signed for handling private information of the customer or the client. Also HR or any other department will decide what position employees will be able to handle private information or personal information and to what extent. The increasing sophistication of information technology with its capacity to collect, analyze and disseminate information on individuals has introduced a sense of urgency to the demand for legislation. There are other several laws that affect privacy in the work place. Some of them are listed below: Fair credit reporting act (FCRT)

Employee Privacy Law
Privacy issue occurs when employers enforce certain rules and procedures in the workplace that violate an employee’s freedom to do as they please. Freedom of Information Act of 1966
The Freedom of Information Act of 1966 regulates the dispensing of information within government agencies. The Privacy Act of 1974
The Privacy Act of 1974 requires that public-sector employees (not private) be given access to any and all information in their files. Electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA)
All of these laws above affect the employees or the customers and eventually affects the work place as well.

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