Privacy Essay

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  • Published : December 4, 2008
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Privacy Essay
Of all the human rights in the global archive, confidentiality and privacy are conceivably the largest problematical human right in this era. Classification of privacy differs commonly by circumstance as well as locality. In countless diverse regions and cultures around the world, countries have involved the right and justification of privacy with data or information protection, which interprets privacy with reference to managing delicate information. Outside these strict contexts, they routinely perceive privacy protection for interpreting the limit on how significantly nations are capable of infringing individuals' lives. Confidentiality is a deep-seated human right. Lately constitutional directives consist of explicit privileges to retrieve individual's private records and background information. In no other area of privacy is there a bigger gap between what people's expectation of protection is and what the reality is than in medical records. The MIB are the people with these not-so-private records. MIB helps keep the cost of insurance down for insurance companies and for consumers by preventing losses that would occur due to fraud or omissions. That's fine if it's used correctly, insurance companies are only allowed to use the information as the basis for further investigation. At least, those are the rules. We are in an age where information is no longer constrained by physical borders. The advent of the Internet has been accompanied by swift changes in available technologies. These advances have made it possible to collect and share detailed information easily. With the simple click of a mouse, an immense amount of information is readily available at your fingertips. With a gentle tap, an equally immense amount of private information can be skimmed and copied without your knowledge. The interesting thing is however, that we cannot even view our own personal records. Denying people access to their own medical records is fundamentally...
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