Privacy and Young People

Topics: Privacy, Occupational safety and health, Taxicab Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: March 5, 2013
2.54 The city of Philadelphia requires GPS system in all taxicabs. Is a government requirement for a tracking system for private taxicabs a reasonable public safety measures or an unreasonable intrusion on the privacy of drivers and passengers? Identify several differences between such a government requirement and a taxicabs company choosing to install GPS system in its cabs? It’s more objectionable than other? Why? * Yes its more objectionable than other because of GPS they can easily find the route that passenger wants to go and they can find the ways going to that route because GPS can also give direction on a particular destinations and also it can check some traffic reports and in the same time GPS is also reasonable for public safety measures because it helps the taxicabs companies to provide the safety of the drivers and passengers too by tracking them, for the company they can easily respond if ever have a problems like an accidents, or someone that stole the taxicabs the company can find the taxi easily and recovered their taxies. May be that’s also the reason why government required the taxi company to install GPS on their taxies may be because the government also wants the safety of the passengers and the drivers. And maybe the government find out that installing GPS helps them to lessen the crime in the road and easily recover the stolen cars or taxies. And they also find that the GPS fits monitoring of cars they want to be and that GPS helps a lot for them. GPS can help a lot and this could not be used in unreasonable intrusion of others privacy. 2.55 Do young people today view privacy differently from the previous generation? Discuss the ideas raised at the end of section 2.3.4 * Yes the young people today are different than the young people on the past generation are very sensitive and concerned about their information. The people in an old generation not doing such things like signing up in a web or social networking sites like facebook,...
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