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The Chinese University of Hong Kong
MKT3030C Promotion and Advertising Management
Integrated Marketing Communications Proposal


Group 6

Name:Lei Kin Pang, Gordon()
Mok Ka Ho, John()
Chan Chi Ho, Daniel(02700333)
Lai Wai Yip , Marc()
Yim Ka Wai, Kathy()
Cheung Lap Kei , Kei()
1. Execution Summary
2. Situation Analysis
a.Background Information of Toyota Motor Corporation
b.Communication History of Toyota Motor Corporation
c.Background Information of Toyota Prius
d.Awards Attained by Toyota Prius
e.Analysis of 4P’s – Product, Place, Price, Promotion f.SWOT Analysis of Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Prius g.Competitors Against Toyota Prius
h.Target Market of Toyota Prius
3. Objectives
a.Corporate Objectives
b.IMC Objectives
4.Time Frame
5.Promotion Strategies
a.Print Advertising
b.Internet Advertising
c.Sponsorship Activity
6.Promotion Budget
This Integrated Marketing Communications Proposal is a one-year communications plan, which is to be launched in Hong Kong, for the Toyota Prius. It aims to further raise the awareness of the Prius and in turn increase the market share and sale. Market analysis identified the target market, which consists of two groups: private and corporate buyers. Consequently a communications strategy that makes use of various media has been created. Newspaper and car magazines as the print advertisements, the Internet, sponsorship activity and exhibition will be the main media. The Creative strategy is designed to emphasize the unique selling points of the Prius and weaken the target markets objections. The budget (HK$1,000,000) has been allocated for the events and advertisements this year. The majority of the budget will be spent on the 2 two-day exhibition, followed by the print advertising.

a.Background Information of Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturing company founded by Sakichi Toyoda in 1937. They have four key strategies which aim at customer satisfaction, quality assurance, continuous improvement and reduction of waste. Toyota has manufactured various types of cars such as Corolla and Carmy. After continuous improvement, Toyota is likely to be the best seller in the world this year in terms of sales.

b.Communication History of Toyota Motor Corporation
Crown Motors, the local agency of Toyota, has published various advertisements for its vehicles through newspapers, magazines, TV commercials, exhibitions and sponsorships, etc. However, there are merely few local sponsor activities and exhibitions for Prius and thus it is still new to local drivers.

c.Background Information of Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius is one of the world's first commercially mass-produced and marketed hybrid automobiles. It released in Japan in 1997 and then worldwide in 2000. By the end of 2003, nearly 160,000 units had been produced for sale in Japan, Europe and North America.

In Latin, “Prius” means before or first. Technologies applied in the Prius are brand new and advanced ideas so that the Prius suits the name for the series. The Prius has won a number of awards, which are shown below.

d.Awards Attained by Toyota Prius
• 1997–98
■ Car of the Year Japan
• 2003
■ Scientific American names Toyota Motor Corporation as "Business Leader of the Year" ("Scientific American 50"; December, 2003) for its singular accomplishment in the commercialization of affordable hybrid cars. • 2004

■ Motor Trend Car of the Year
■ Car and Driver Magazine's Ten Best List
■ North American Car of the Year Award
• 2005
■ European Car of the Year

e.Analysis of 4P’s – Product, Place, Price, Promotion
The Prius was released...
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