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Water Evaporation Experiment
Unit question – How salty is the waters in Qatar and how concentrated are they?

Aim- To find out how salty is the waters in Qatar and how concentrated are they. This would be done by Water evaporation.

Hypothesis- I feel that Doha sea water will be the most concentrated because desalination plants. These plants remove water from sea and leave behind the salt which would mean that the salt levels would grow as the ratio of salt and water would change because of desalination plants.

Independent variable- samples of water
Dependent variables- concentration of salt
Controlled variables- amount of water

-Bunsen burner for heating the evaporation
-evaporation dishes in order to have a container to boil the water in -igniters to light the Bunsen burner
- Water samples which is the independent variable
- 300ml measuring tubes to measure the different types of sea water - Scale used to weigh stuff
- Tripod for burning the container containing the water and safety -heatproof mat to boil the water safely
- wire gauze for safety
- Pair of Thongs to handle hot apparatus
-Calculator for solving equations and formula’s
- Pencil or pen for writing
- Papers for written material

Method for experiment
- Set up the apparatus that is in the picture below.
- Measure out 100ml of sample A water using a measuring tube. - Weight an evaporation dish and record the mass of it.
- Place the water mention in step 2 in a evaporation dish and place the evaporation Dish on top of the Bunsen burner at maximum heat.
- Wait until all of the water boils and we are only left with sodium chloride(NaCl) in the Evaporation dish.
- Measure the mass of the evaporation dish with the sodium chloride (NaCl)and record the results.
- Subtract the mass of the evaporation dish from the mass of the evaporation dish with Sodium chloride (NaCl) to find the mass of the NaCl in the water sample - Repeat steps 2 to 7...
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