Prisons Compare and Contrast

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  • Published : April 9, 2011
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Prisons Compare and Contrast

Prisons systems have changed after the first penitentiary was opened known as the Eastern Penitentiary. The theory of penitentiary was that by keeping criminals locked in their cell with not outside influences so that they can reflect on their past as well as become more religious is a way that the person will change their lives for the better and in return this would reform the person so upon release they were God fearing people that could function in society. These prisoners were locked in their cell 23 hours a day and had 30 minutes twice a day for yard time that was no just outside their cell. The inmates worked along in their cell, doing what they were told to do. They ate in their cell and only were allowed to have two books and one being that of the bible. Auburn was the first penitentiary to put this method into action. (Foster, 2006)

“Penitentiary was more of an idea or set of principles rather than a physical institution; it was a concept rather than a building”. (Foster, 2006) The penitentiary was for people that could be rehabilitated it was to enforce rules, and create effective work habits for criminals. Prison has changed from the past ways from the previous ways in which people were punished. They believe that rather than physical punishment such as branded, whipping or be exiled, which was clear that a person would be killed by people of another town. They believed that being exiled, instead of physical punishment, this was a humane way of punishing criminals. Auburn system prison concept was different from the Eastern penitentiary system. For instance the criminals did not spend all day in their cells and each had had specific jobs to do. The only thing that was similar was that they were not allowed to talk to each other both in the Auburn system or the Eastern Penitenitary System. Each cell was a single person cell and they only retreated to their cell at night. They ate at mess halls and were allowed...
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