Prisoners Rights

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  • Published : April 29, 2011
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Prisoner Rights
Prisoners rights have come a long way from what they were in the 1800’s, prisoners back then had no rights they were abused and mistreated and the prison officials did whatever they wanted to prisoners and they had no say. During the 1800’s prisoners were kept in unsatisfactory conditions that were unclean, unsafe, falling apart and underfed they were giving small portions of bread, it seemed as they were being teased with the food. There punishments were harsh and unruly, they were beaten to death and there was no one to blame for it or be punished when things like that happened. When prisons started to change, the rights of prisoners began to develop making this an important step for them, prisoners were about to see progress in action in favor of them. Prisoners were about to see that they were not to be treated unfairly just because they are in prison, but they had rules they had to follow in addition to being more involved in their court case. As an example they are able to sue prisons for harm against them or apply for appeals while in prison (Foster, 2006). The eighth amendment was established to set regulations as to the powers that the federal government has over prisoners. Prisoners now were allowed to use the cruel and unusual punishment law in the bill of rights against prison officials, just another thing prisoners were not able to do in the past. Law suits could be filed against prisons if there were excessive fines or any type of unruly punishment while in there care. The importance of the eighth amendment was to force prisons to get their acts together changing the way they run their prisons. Conditions were to provide better living facilities, medical treatment and care, more staff, and to move violent inmates out of general population this allowed for fair treatment they deserved (Public Record Search, 2010). Having the civil rights litigation gave rights to prisoners, section 1983 this allowed for prisoners to be their own...
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