Prison Term Policy Recommendation

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  • Published : July 8, 2011
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The purpose of this paper is to advise members of the state legislature with recommendations for new prison term policies to double the maximum prison term for any individual convicted of armed robbery. Although the state legislature concedes the bill is popular the concern is whether the bill will deter arm robberies.

Prison Term Policy Recommendation
In a few days the state legislature will be voting on a new bill to determine if the maximum prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery should affect anyone convicted of armed robbery be given a double maximum sentence. However, the effectiveness of double prison sentences as deterrence to first time and re-offenders is quite difficult to estimate. Many states define robbery as larceny or theft of money or property through the use of intimidation, physical force, or violence against a victim by the offender(s). When a weapon is used or the victim suffers injury, whereby the offender may be charged as aggravated or armed robbery. Robbery is differentiated between armed robbery that involves the use of some type of weapon, and aggravated robbery that involves the use of a deadly weapon. Armed robbery is one of the most committed crimes in the United States that concerns legislatures, the entire criminal justice system, and society. All states punish armed robbery as a major or capital offense, whereas sentencing depending on many factors such as state laws and procedures, prior criminal history, whether there are any sentencing improvements, or whether the state has a diversion program. For example a person (victim) is walking down the street a man (the robber) approaches and ask for the time when the victim looks at his watch and looks back up the robber has a gun in the victims face demanding money if the victim fails to give the robber his or her money the robber may shoot or hit the victim with the gun to obtain the money. In the early 1990s, legislation of many states (with the...
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