Prison Inmates Should Be Allowed to Take College Courses

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  • Published : May 31, 2010
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Prison Inmates Should be Allowed to Take College Courses

Tamitha Boltz

Unit 6

Prison Inmates Should be Allowed to Take College Courses

Prison inmates should be allowed to take college courses because an education offers a positive change for their release back into society. The education they receive will offer life skills and provide them with positive reinforcement to change their lives for the better; while restructuring the way some think and continue through life and society through making proper choices and better role models.

While in prison, education would provide a crucial key for inmate rehabilitation. Part of that rehabilitation can be in the form of education. Education in the prison system generally geared towards the shorter sentence person focuses on giving them the necessary tools to succeed upon release. They can receive career and trade training as well as ethical and legal training so that they have a clear understanding of right from wrong. Having these tools can help the inmate adapt back into society. Perhaps with these tools we would have less repeat offenders, thus reducing our prison population and decreasing crime and poverty.

Career and trade education can help the inmate build a foundation for his or her future; providing a better chance for a job upon release. Teaching them the basics of reading, writing and math skills can greatly improve their chances of gainful employment. These skills are necessary for success. With these tools, an inmate can read a newspaper, search for available jobs, do vocational surveys to see what they could be good at as a career and be able to budget their money in the event of employment. Allowing them to expand on the basics with college or trade skill courses within the prison system can be beneficial to them as well. They can learn to think critically and positively, guiding them to making better and more moral decisions. By enabling our inmates with positive change,...
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