Prison and Capital Sentence Worldwide

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Topic: Some people are of the opinion that prisons are basically universities of crime, fostering the kind of behaviour they aim to eradicate, and are, therefore, not effective. Others feels that prison life is not hard enough. Discuss the arguments on both sides of the issue. What is your own opinion on the matter.

The fast development of society and enhancement of economic have led to change a variety number of people’s characteristics, namely materialism lifestyle and downgraded morals. Consequently, people ought to witness an ever-increasing number of offenders and dramatic growth of prisons in which reeducate moral lessons for prisoners. Nonetheless, there has been considerable controversy about whether prison-environment is effective to eradicate criminal behavior or not.

Supporters of the practice claim that prisons play an important role in supervising and reeducating offenders. During detained period, prisoners have got time to repent their behaviors harming for society. Such sentence of conscience brings moral lessons to criminals so that they will not relapse into crime. Additionally, both managers of prison and government want to teach and train fundamental job skills to obtainer therefore they plausibly earn their living with illegal vocations after coming back society. Recent researches corroborate that there is a tremendous ratio of offenders contributing positively for society when accomplish their punishment.

Nonetheless, there are also strong reasons that jails are hard insufficiency to eradicate the harmful characteristics of criminals. Obviously, with a number of people, who convict a serious criminal again and again, the prison is ineffective to them; thus people(one) require more strict punishments at higher levels such as death penalty. Take China( It is exemplified in China), the country have the most numbers of capital sentence worldwide as a typical evidence, this government gives plenty of death penalties with the aim to...
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