Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Topics: Gender, Male, Transgender Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: March 7, 2013
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In today’s Australian society it has now become almost commonplace for us to question our beliefs and what it means to be an Australian. We have always turned to consider our cultural aspects and how they determine a strong Australian identity. The voice of a hot climate, the tone of the red sand, the indifference of man and woman and even the lifestyle of the Australian people all play important parts within our community. However to be an Australian is truly shaped by the kind acts of mateship that we possess within our relationships with friends and family. The mateship of society should not be affected by gender but really truly lie upon the relationships in our lives, which is why I have chosen Priscilla and Red Dog, both with very different ideas of gender and its role within an identity, to compare and contrast the one true Australian identity with the film industry and the impact that gender and mateship are responsible for shaping our society. In Priscilla we find ourselves lost in an array of issues. Tick is disenchanted in Sydney when he receives a phone call from a woman asking him to do a show out of town. He asks Bernice and Adam, to go with them and help him in his show. While trying to figure out how to get to Alice Springs, Adam tricks his rich mom into buying them a big bus, which he names "Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert." The three of them head across the Outback and discover personal reflections and revelations, xenophobia, new friends, and possibly a new outlook on life. These ideals which are reflected in the movie are highly sensitive to the idea of gender roles and mateship. Prisilla, Queen of the Desert is about the three drag queens: Bernadette, Felicia and Mitzi. They earn their money with performing which involves wearing dresses and a lot of make-up and lip-syncing to records. The films represent mostly the idea of the Australian identity, but Priscilla has a big difference in how the gender roles present...
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