Priorities for Academic Goals

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I establish my priorities based on the priorities of others. I am a mother first and foremost, so often my priorities are steamed off of my kids. I know I have work to pay my bills. I know my children go to school daily and have daily homework. I know it is important to have one-on-one time each day with my children. I know to graduate college I must pass my classes and in order to pass my classes I must study.

I have chosen to due my degree on line to work around my already established priorities. I due know one of the chances of doing my classes online is losing my internet connection or my computer breaking. When I signed up for classes is decided to cover all bases. My #1 backup plan for the failure of my home computer is my work computer. I have a job which allows time me to do school work on the computer. This helps break up my school work load and is also reassurance in case my home computer keeps me for finishing and submitting my work. I also know if both these computers break, there are plenty of libraries in my area.

I have a great support system for my academic goals. I have taught my children to use the same form for tracking assignments that I use everyday. I print my schedule of assignments for each class in the beginning. I put the assignments into a binder. I use two different color highlighters to keep track of finished assignments and due dates. My yellow highlighter indicates to me I have finished an assignment and my pink highlighter lets me know when my work for the week is done. This helps me to know by looking for colors what I am missing and how much time I have left to finish.

I use my boyfriend as my reviewer. I try to always make sure he has a chance to look over what I have written for an assignment. He often is able to find small things I have over looked. Sometimes he has suggestions to help expand or improve the work I thought was finished and ready to submit and he also helps when I have a brain freeze...
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