Printmaking and Richard Hellman

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Printmaking Research
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Printmaking is the process by which a work of art can be created over and over again, from a single picture that is usually prepared from a plate of wood, metal, paper or fabric. There is a wide variety of techniques that can be used in printmaking, and this art is one of the oldest forms of art in the world. Some noted people in the fields of printmaking throughout history. The matrix used for printmaking is usually a block of material such as wood, rubber, or metal. In relief printing, the matrix is carved away to create a raised image, while planographic techniques like lithography use special treated flat plates, with the ink in some areas but not in others. The use of stencil and screen printing tools is also a type of printmaking. There are many printmaking techniques and can be divided into the following categories:

-Relief printing is when the ink goes on the original surface of the actual matrix. Relief techniques include: woodcut, or woodblock, wood engraving, linocut, and metalcut;

-Intaglio is when the ink goes beneath the original surface of the actual matrix. Intaglio techniques include: engraving, etching, mezzotint, aquatint, chine-colle, and drypoint;

-Planographic is when you print from a flat surface and have ink on some areas but not on others. Planographic techniques include: lithography, and collotype;

-Stencil, techniques includes: screen printing and pochoir ;

Viscosity, techniques include: printing;

The benefits of printmaking are that you can make a lot of different types of prints easily, and also each type has its own unique characteristics. Also printmakers can apply color to their prints in many different ways, which look very appealing. Richard Hellman

Richard Hellman is a male artist. Richards’s interest in printmaking grew, as he saw his father’s collection of prints that he acquired from the 1940s on. Although his father’s personal feelings towards art, was...
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