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Printing, Publishing, and Limitations

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Printing, Publishing, and Limitations

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Printing, Publishing 1

Printing, Publishing, and Limitations

Janelle D. Lowrance

Axia College

Professor: Scymentress Williams

April 5, 2009

Printing, Publishing 2

Printing, Publishing, and Limitations

The printing and publishing industry has a fascinating history related to not only

the beginning of the industry, but also in today’s market, along with the limitations

placed therein. Campbell,Martin,Fabos(2009), stated the in Germany between 1453 and

1456, Johannes Gutenberg developed the printing press. He used moveable type, and

devised the press from a wine press.(p356).

According to Campbell,Martin,Fabos(2009), 400-1500 A.D. the Christian clergy

developed what we know as the manuscript culture. Books were lettered, decorated, and

bound by hand. Priests and Monks advanced bookmaking And were known as the first

editors. Campbell,Martin,Fabos(2009) stated the following about this era:

Many works from the Middle Ages were illuminated manuscripts. These books

featured decorative, colorful designs and illustrations on each page. Their covers

were made from leather, and some were inscribed with precious gems or gold and

silver trim. During this period, scribes developed rules on punctuation and made

distinctions between small and capital letters; they also put space between words,

which made reading easier.(p356).

According to Campbell,Martin,Fabos(2009), by the late 1400’s and early 1500’s

printing presses spread all over Europe. Also stated herein The Chaucer’s Canterbury

Tales was the first English writing to be published in book form.(p356). The following

is how Campbell,Martin,Fabos(2009), explained that era:

Many early books were large, elaborate, and expensive, taking months to illustrate

Printing, Publishing 3

and publish. They were...

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