Print Media Inefficiency

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Print Media inefficiency

Media changes drastically over short periods of time. Just in the past ten years it’s become much more advanced and useful for people all around the world. There has been an extreme advance in media technology which has lead to the decline and usefulness of print media. Print media does not shape public reaction to political events in this age of TV News (CNN, CNBC, Fox News) and news over the internet. This is because of the need for up to date and real time connection to information. The amount of people that the news reaches is a big factor. Television is watched by most of the population, whereas the amount of people that receive a newspaper or other source of print media is considerably less. Television offers a variety of channels and programs, which means a more complete story, as opposed to a newspaper which might only offer one view. Also, with a majority of people who own smart phones or other forms of internet capable devices adds to usefulness of printed media. Another reason that television and the internet are preferred to print is the amount of work involved to create print media. The newspaper, or a magazine, is something that you have to go out and get, or even worse, wait for. News is not readily available via print and waiting can be unpleasant if you are anxious for the inside scoop or as stated earlier real time information. Television and the internet on the other hand are available anytime and can be accessed even in remote locations. Media from TV and the internet has a greater number of choices such as which news program to view. Television and the internet are a much easier alternative than obtaining news through print.

A very important reason that print is the less effective method of obtaining information is time. It takes much longer than watching television or listening to the radio. For example, if a person works a lot and spends his other time taking care of a family and driving to...
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