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Print Media, Electronic Media …… What's Next? "Walking Media ''

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Print Media, Electronic Media …… What's Next? "Walking Media ''

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  • November 2008
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If you see someone on the road having an advertisement on his forehead, what will be your feelings? You will think "he's gonna be mad". But soon you may find yourself having a contract with a company to put their logo on your forehead and who knows it could be for a fixed time period. Yes, it'll be the reality.

We are being bombarded, you know, every time, everywhere, every day and every night by companies' advertisements in different media; TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboard, neon sign, leaflet, internet … blah..blah..blah… and even the skies are being used for ads. In our surroundings, on everything marketers try to highlight their company names or logos to draw customers' attention. These get monotonous; people are tired of seeing advertisement everywhere they go. From billboards to commercials, advertising has invaded our precious time with no end in sight. However, mankind has always had the option of ignoring these ads. Don't like a commercial? Change the channel! Don't like a print ad? Flip the page! Don't like a billboard? Avoid it! Customers got the option to escape from all sorts of marketing stimuli.

So, it's high time for business people to find out new avenues to advertise their products to attract customers. STOP! How can they do it? NO WORRY! We the marketing guys are here to come up with new ideas. What's that? That is the Human Body as commercial media. In the Western world they have been using the human body as advertising space, on a small scale, such as hands, a big fat belly, feet, huge ears, and sometimes the entire body. They place corporate logos tattooed onto human bodies or paint the entire body.

You know print media. You know electronic media but now it could be YOUR BODY. Don't get upset; don't think we are crazy. That would be the practical scenario. None CAN AVOID THIS MEDIA, or turn it off as radio/TV. You never know, it could be your future ornament, which can create aesthetic beauty on your appearance, and you...

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