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By | August 2011
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Zinda Ho Tum
You’ve read the books on the highest shelf of your library. You probably begin your day by reading 10 blogs written by renowned spokesmen. And surely congratulations on making it to one of India’s best MBA College, but why is a thought of incompleteness still lingering in your head? Why does it seem that although success has been achieved at every stage yet not enough? May be just because you don’t live life the way you wish.

To be alive both your heart and soul need to be holding hands. The dreams that you set should come to life. To complete your dreams you need a chance. The chance that could help you change the way people look at you and make a million souls smile. Bindaas Andaaz is giving you that chance to make a reason for life kyunki ‘zindagi na milegi dobara’. So put down all your gyaan to prove ki ‘Zinda ho tum’.

Bindaaz Andaaz’11 is the platform which allows you to think differently and put your MBA gyaan to some use. So get started with the litmus test for all you have studied so far. The inspiration for us this year is Zindaagi Na Milegi Dobaraa. Three friends from various walks of the professional life comes together to live a moment. So put down all your gyaan to prove ki ‘Zinda ho Tum’. Term “marketing mix” means the factors that a Marketeer can manipulate to influence the sales for their product. Some people may think that influencing demand means only increasing demand. This is a mistake because occasions may arise when a marketing person will have to act to reduce the demand for their product. PB Marketeers have proved the same using their marketing strategy. Early marketing teachers presented the marketing mix as 4Ps. Later thinking held that these 4Ps are good enough for physical goods only and that there was the need to enlarge the marketing mix to care of services. Thus 3 new Ps were added to the marketing mix, making 7Ps for services.

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