Print Ad Analysis

Topics: Graphic design, Typography, Design Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Artwork is laid out all around us whether it is seen across city buildings or in galleries around the world. In this advertisement, they incorporated the artwork of a man named Cheeming Böey, who created a different kind of art form by using Sharpie pens and paper cups. Although it may sound bizarre that this artist used paper cups as his canvas and sharpie pens as his drawing materials, his artwork is truly commendable. However, the graphic designers of this advertisement choose his artwork for a completely different reason. In hopes that they could relate Sharpie pens to the people by showing the people that there are unknown possibilities in using their product. However, this message is not the only tool that the graphic designer used for instance: the way that they manipulated space and light as well as adding an asymmetrical balance and emphasis on the advertisement. The purpose of any advertisement is to peak an interest in the eyes of millions. I previously mentioned a message that the graphic designer had used when designing the layout of his advertisement. If it sounds accurate or not it is entirely up to your perception, however the graphic design that he set up by displaying a form of typography and corporate logos supports my theory. As anyone can see at the bottom of this advertisement, there is a small biography on the artwork being displayed as well as a question from the artist to viewer that ask, “what are you gonna start?” This cliffhanger is used to intrigue us into believing that if Cheeming Böey could do something out of nothing then so could anyone else. In addition, to this message the advertisement indeed branded a corporate logo of Sharpie because the artist used their products in his artwork. Even though this advertisement shows great use of their product the name and logo of Sharpie has been known worldwide. However, the graphics of this advertisement concentrated heavily on the manipulation of space and light in order to...
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