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  • Published : September 24, 2012
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“Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere”

In print advertisements, the tobacco industry associates smoking with beauty, freedom, and independence in order to effectively sell its products to people. Their ad features things such as celebrities, holidays, cartoons, and sex. In this particular tobacco advertisement, the ad is trying to sell Tipalet cigarettes through the usage of sex appeal. It features a strong and handsome young man smoking a cigarette and blowing smoke into the face of a beautiful young lady who is looking up into the face of the man, with the words “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere” displayed across the ad.

The message of this ad is that smoking is fun and attractive. The particular type of brand cigarettes it is trying to sell to its audience is Tipalet. Tipalet brand cigarettes offer a variety of flavors including tangy Tipalet Cherry, rich and grape-y Tipalet Burgundy, and luscious Tipalet Blueberry, which will satisfy its customers without the need to inhale when smoking. By choosing Tipalet cigarettes, they can look cool and enjoy the goodness of it. Not only this, but smoking Tipalet cigarettes will help a man to find a girl who will “follow [him anywhere]” because it will make them appear more desirable in person. As the man featured in the ad blows smoke into the face of the lady, she looks up to him with curiosity and interest and is allured towards him. The ad wants it audience to see that this could happen to them too if they smoke Tipalet cigarettes.

The audience that this ad is aimed towards is men. It displays a young man smoking a cigarette and staring into the face of a lady. By smoking, a man can appear more cool, mature, and strong and be tempting for beautiful young women. Tipalet cigarettes are good because there are different tastes to choose from such as cherry, burgundy, and blueberry, satisfies a man’s desire to smoke without the danger of inhaling, and also enables him to find pleasure....
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