Prinsip Dan Amalan Pemasaran

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Management Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: May 18, 2013

Choose a new business for your organization which produce or sell a product or service in the market. You are required to prepare a report and present the content from time to time within the current semester.


1. This is project consisting not more than five (5) members. 2. In order to avoid duplication of product/service chosen, students are required to consult your lecturer and register the topic using the form provided by the lecturer before proceeding on the project. 3. The report should meet the following guideline:

i) The report must be typewritten in Arial, 1.5 spacing with a font 11. ii) The size of paper is A4 and white in color.
iii) The page of should be more than 10 pages.
iv) Students are free to choose the materials and color for front page cover but must be in presentable format with: * Course Code and Name
* Semester
* Title of Assignment
* Name of Group Members with ID No.
* Name of Lecturer
* Date of Submission.
v) The content of the report MUST includes:
* Table of contents
* Introduction and summary of business background
* Market Analysis: Market Growth, Market Needs and Market Trends of the business industry. * SWOT Analysis
* Marketing Strategies: Marketing Objectives, Segmentation, Target Market, Positioning * Marketing Programs: Product Offerings, Pricing Strategies, Distributional Strategies - Placing, Promotional Strategies * Conclusion (future business advancement)

* References/Bibliography (with proper format and have to be more than five (5) of references/bibliography. * Appendices (if any)
* Page number need to be included.
4. The date of submission is by first day of 14th week of the academic calendar current semester. Failure to submit on the deadline, it may lead to your failure in this subject. 5. The project paper constitutes of 20% of the...
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