Principles of Tourism

Topics: New Zealand, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Want Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: May 21, 2013
1. Facilitator – Travel facilitators are the factors of why someone will think about travelling. The two main factors are disposable income and leisure time. The more disposable income and leisure time you have the more you will want to plan a holiday or a break. This means that Australians that have these factors will come to New Zealand because it is close and they can put more money into activities and accommodation. This affects New Zealand’s tourists demand because the Australians are one of our biggest markets so if these factors start to decrease then our arrival numbers go down and we wont get as much money put into our country. Motivator – Motivators are the factors of what makes someone want to travel or what motivates them. For example if you are someone that works full time the factor that motivates you to go is that you need a relaxing break. Motivators depend on what sort of person you are and what your needs and wants are. The Mexican scientist Ramumbo has divided travel motivators into four categories. Physical motivators, cultural motivators, interpersonal motivators and status and prestige motivators. These all relate to our wants and needs of being a human. For Australians they would want to come over in the winter to ski or snowboard because they don’t have many places to do these activities in Australia. They might want explore the wine industry or try our cultural food. This affects the tourist demand because we need to advertise what we have that other countries don’t so people are motivated to come to our country and spend money. (collier, 2006, pp. 290-291) Resistance factor – resistance factors are the factors of why some wouldn’t want to travel, such as the perceived distance from origin to destination, the cost of traveling, natural disasters or even the exchange rate etc. For example a couple plan to visit New Zealand from Australia. They have planned to fly into Christchurch but there has been another earthquake so it makes them...
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