Principles of Non-Profit Leadership

Topics: Non-profit organization, Voluntary association, Strategic management Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: March 6, 2012
While a variety of definitions of the term leadership have been suggested. Leadership is a case of the human communications which the leader is the central person who guides the group or the organization toward its objectives, goals and long-term results. No single characteristic has been found which totally separates nonprofit leaders from other leaders; nonetheless, successful nonprofit leaders should have more drive and determination and probably a greater concentration of positive qualities that related to the nature of the non-profit organization. [Tammembaum 1973]. How does leaders and leadership impact on non-profit organization? The dependence of nonprofit organizations on the strong leadership has highly increased over years because of the massive demand for the nonprofit organizations in the modern civilian as a factor that fulfill the desire for a civil, compassionate, and well-functioning society.[Wolf 1999] Since the staff and resources are not able to work without constant intervention and supervision, a nonprofit organization cannot succeed without effective and efficient nonprofit leadership. The nonprofit leader first develops his personal nonprofit leadership skills and competences. Then defines the trend of the organization, and then maintains a healthy environment for the workers/volunteer, donors and clients. This paper has been divided into three parts. The first part deals with traits that a nonprofit leader suggested to focus on within his own personality to achieve a successful nonprofit leadership level. Second is the required steering skills of the nonprofit organizations from strategic view within an effective vision frame. The third is related to the building of a successful nonprofit environment starting with workers and internal process of the nonprofit organization.

The nonprofit Leaders from Inside
Ethics and Morality
Bearing the nonprofit ethics and integrity in mind is an important...
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