Principles of Nature

Topics: Waste, Waste management, Recycling Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Marcaida, Jamielyn C. IV-25 BSE Biology

Nowadays, people are aware of environmental backlashes that happened in our Earth. We experienced different phenomena like flood, extreme heat and landslide or mudslide. Most of the calamity that we experienced is because of human activities such as illegal logging, kaingin, improper waste management and pollution brought about commercial industries. To better understand about the nature of our environment, it is good that we must trace the concept or principles so we can relate to the natural phenomena of our nature.

The key to understanding the environmental problems that we encounter today is to learn about our ecosystem.

Nature knows best.
The first principle is the most basic and connected to other principle. God gave us the chance to be the steward of our nature. Human are the primary cause of the distraction of our natural resources. This principle means that one must not go against the natural processes if one would like to ensure a continuous and steady supply of resources. Issue/Problem: Burning of waste instead of decomposing it naturally.

The nutrient cycle is very important in our ecosystem so we must NOT burn down our waste especially biodegradable materials like papers, leaves, fruits, vegetable and other excess foods. Effect:
When we burn waste materials, most of the organic compounds are lost. The combustion products bring greater havoc as in the case of carbon dioxide build-up, which results in the warming-up of the earth, or the so-called "greenhouse" effect.

Greenhouse effect will lead to global warming which can cause many changes in our nature. The effects of global warming are changing weather pattern, extreme warm temperature and climate change.

Other effect of burning is the disruption of food chain and food web. The nutrient will not go back to the soil if we burn the waste material rather than allow it to decompose naturally. The use of chemical pesticides and fertilizer...
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