Principles of Marketing

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1) Introduction
The purpose of this study is to research and analyse Small Manufacturing Enterprises (SME) with making reference to marketing principles and practices used in the running and establishment of these SME’s.

By definition, marketing is the process by which the consumers’ wants and needs are determined and once those have been identified the marketer finds a way in which to deliver the products to the consumers and satisfy these needs and wants all of this being achieved through a tool called marketing research. For our practicum study we have chosen to work with Starck’s Joinery. They focus mainly on making unique wooden furniture for their customers. Their pivotal goal is to offer their customers quality products. Starck’s Joinery cc is a family business with the father as the owner, and his two sons as the employees and marketing - sales team. The Practicum also includes a literature review analysing six journal articles discussing marketing in SME’s. With this the principles identified in these articles are compared to the practices of Starck’s Joinery cc.

2) Literature Review
Exploring SME market orientation: an organizational learning perspective. Research Question:
What are the best learning perspectives for SME’s?
Research Methodology
Observe how they learn within their business.
Main Findings
The article is a discussion of a research paper which searches for small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) market orientation. It enhances executive skill through learning within a small firm context. It brings together literature from organizational learning, market orientation and research methodology, to provide new insights on an established area of research, offering useful insight for clarifying past discrepancies. It provides a framework for better understanding disparities between past studies on market orientation. SME corporate social responsibility and competitiveness: a literature review. Research Question:

How does the behaviour and competiveness of corporate social responsibility affect SME? Research Methodology
Sent out field workers to firms to establish this.
Main Findings
The importance of SMEs to the economy and society and their special characteristics relevant to the adoption of CSR principles, the implementation of CSR activities, and the study of the relationship between SME, CSR behaviour and competitiveness, have stimulated the interest of both practitioners and academicians. The paper concludes the major trends emerging from the literature review and provides recommendations for further research.

Determinants of SME International Marketing Communications.
Research Question:
What determines SME in international markets?
Research Methodology
Research on competitive past international market trends over the past 10 years. Main Findings
This research article discusses the factors affecting international marketing communications in small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). International commitment and brand adaptation in overseas markets were found significantly influencing the effectiveness of international marketing communications. The results suggest that international marketers need to have resources input, such as human and financial, to drive international marketing communications. Brand adaptation also needs to be performed in order to achieve a better international marketing communications. There are two factors affecting international marketing communications suggesting international marketers of SMEs need to be concerned with both internal resource and external factors in international ventures. Marketing Quality Food Products - A Comparison of Two SME Marketing Networks Research Question:

How will quality food products affect process and performance? Research Methodology
A case study methodology was adopted and two networks were studied Main Findings
This paper reports on the findings of an investigation into small and medium-sized enterprise (SME)...
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