Principles of Ethics

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Three Primary Schools of Ethics

Humanities 432/Principles of Ethics

Shanna Avery


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The choice I chose was number two. This was about the married couple being formally drug addicts’ regain custody of their child. The schools of ethics I chose are Care based and Consequentiality based. I chose care based because if I was in this situation I would probably want to know my parents but not necessarily want to be with them. With care based ethics you’re putting yourself in another’s shoes.

I chose Consequentiality based because you can only guess that the child may not want to be with the parents. You would have to make a decision and be fine with that. You would also need to know the consequences of sending the child back with the parents. Because he or she doesn’t know their real parents the child may become disobedient. Who can say the real parents won’t use again.

The similarities and differences I came to are both ethics are regarding how the outcome would affect the child. Another similarity is both are about using your heart and head. In both cases you should ask yourself are you treating others as you would want to be treated. The differences are Consequentiality based rely on being able to predict the consequences of different actions. Care based thinking is putting yourself in ones shoes.

I think that both would be would be worthy in life. I use consequentiality sometimes. I often think what the outcome of things would be if I made a certain choice. I think that this choice you also use your gut. I’ve found that if you use your gut instinct its gets stronger and it can be helpful. I use care based ethic almost daily.

I’m always putting myself in another’s shoes. I’m...
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